Headphones: Display what source they are linked to

I use my headphones with four different input sources: TV, laptop, tablet and phone. I accept that they can handle only two at a time. But it gets quite confusing transferring from one source to another, IRL, and when I’m not getting what I want it would be extremely helpful to call up a screen in the app that says “Headphones are now connected to ______ and ______.” The app must know; can it just tell me?

This is definitely a great idea if it’s doable!
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My Jabra headset does this anytime the connection state changes. Since this has an app interface, perhaps an easy win would be to display the paired and active sources in app. How do you manage 4 sources, are you resetting the pairing list often (another feature that could be in the app so I don’t have to remember the time for the button hold)? I have 2 paired now but bought it originally for something that I haven’t paired to yet.

I always keep the headphones connected to the phone, where the Wyze app resides. I then use my brain (not a very reliable component) to remember what the second connection is. The problem comes when I want to connect to something, like the TV, and the connection just won’t take. Is it a glitch, or did I misremember what else I had previously connected to? That’s why it would be nice to go to a settings screen that would tell me “You’re connected to the tablet, dummy.”

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