HD video Does anyone know how the video?

Hello, does anyone know anything about why the clarity of my videos are blurry Fernon when I zoom in everything gets blurry and I can’t see I mean I can see but if I zoom in on my TV I can’t see what’s playing

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When you stream Live Stream the cam in the Wyze App, make sure that the Video Quality is set to HD.


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Hey, I was hoping you could tell me how you’re able to get your cams streamed to your TV. I’ve tried a couple of suggestions people mentioned but neither worked. I have the V2’s

Thanks either way

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There are several possibilities depending on the TV OS.

If you are running an Android TV or Chromecast device, I have an app called Tiny Cam Monitor Pro installed on my Chromecast that is compatible and will stream all my Wyze Cams.

If you are running FireTV, the Alexa integration already has the ability to stream cams thru the Smart Home Dashboard so long as the Wyze Skill is installed and linked in Alexa.

I’m gonna try the Chromecast with tiny pro app option. Thank you very much for the advice

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You’re welcome. The TCP setup is a bit technical and the 2FA has to be transferred over from your phone, but it does work. Post back if you run into issues or have questions. Good luck!