Haze around moving objects on cam v3

I just got the Cam 3s. The overall clarity is much better than the 2’s. But one thing I’ve noticed when watching live feeds and playbacks, is when something is moving in the camera’s view…it seems like an artificial haze is being put around the object which destroys the clarity. Tonight I was looking at my live feed and there was big bug on my window seal. When the bug was still the clarity was sharp. As soon as the bug moved it’s like a haze formed around just the bug. What’s going on?

Cam haze video clip

Watch the beetle in the lower left. Every time it moves there’s like a haze that forms around the whole beetle, which tanks the clarity

Artifacting? Video compression? I think it has something to do with movement and the refreshing of changed pixels near movement.

I am seeing lots of shimmering and noise when watching live feeds on the new v3 cams.