Having trouble keeping bulbs connected

I replaced all our Hue bulbs with wyze bulbs and of our 13 bulbs only 1 will stay consistantly connected to the app. Of the remaining 12, 4 of them will stay connected. The other 8 rarely ever stay connected for more than a few minutes. BTW, the finicky bulbs range in location from 5 feet away from the router (with no walls or anything in between) to 30’ away at the farthest point in the house from the router (with walls in between).

Do I have bad bulbs? The bulbs are a few months old.

This worries me because I also bought a bunch of exterior wyze cams to put up and don’t want to if I’m going to keep having this problem.

Out of curiosity what made you decide to replace the Hue bulbs with Wyze? Were you having some kind of issue with the Hue bulbs?


What does the rest of your network set up look like? And when you say hub, do you mean your router?

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No they were just getting old. A few had gone out, and I wanted to try the wyze.

So my wife (who is more savvy than i obviously) said the “hub” is the thing for the Hue bulbs.

Sorry please disregard that. Iw ill edit the OP to be more accurate.

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No worries I was curious.

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It’s odd but I hear wildly different stories on Hue bulb lifespans. The newest bulb I have is two years old. The oldest is pushing 5 years old. I have mostly Gen 2 A19 bulbs, pre Bluetooth. And a Gen 2 Bridge.

I have yet to have a bulb fail. They are all in daily use. One is mounted outside in an enclosed (glass) covering.

Most of the people I know that have Hue bulbs have a similar experience. Obviously I don’t have as long a track record with Wyze bulbs but in general most led lightbulbs have a 15 year 50,000 hour lifespan. My Brother still has 2 bulbs he got when they first came out in 2013 and they still work just fine.

Does anyone know what my issue is or how to resolve it?

We have a google nest mesh wifi plugged into our router.

If I had to guess (and I do), it would be crowded or interference on your WiFi. When you look at your phones WiFi settings how many networks can you see?

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  1. My wife just told me that we just got the google mesh setup and the wyze bulbs are not connected to it yet. They’re still connected to the old router, and she doesn’t know how to connect them.

And of the 5 networks i can see, one appears to be our next door neighbors network

The Mesh network connects in a similar manner but if it has a different SSID or password you will need to reset the bulbs individually.

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ok so unscrew all the bulbs and then delete them from the app and just plug them all in and set them up through the app process?

What tends to happen is most people leave their WiFi at the default settings which leads to channel congestion. With a Mesh network it should tune itself to the clearest channel. So once you get the bulbs reconnected you should see better results.


Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it!


This is one reason why I went with Smart Light Switches. It’s not that hard to swap out. Mine connect to Wifi, Not Bluetooth which have a shorter range. The light switches still work like a normal light switch so you don’t have to use some app or voice control. If someone turns off the light by the switch, My light will still turn back on where as with a bulb, you turn off the switch the bulb is dead. You have to flip the switch back on. I can use whatever light bulbs I want. Most of mine are some type of cheap LED. But they also control my garage T8 fluorescent tube bulbs. At some point I’ll start swapping those out to LED also. I just think Smart Switches is the better option overall. Unless you’re looking for a bulb you can change colors with. If/When a bulb dies, just replace it. No smart stuff in them. 1 Smart Switch can control a number of lights also. If you have a regular switch that controls 3 different lights, well now you just need 1 Smart Switch to control the 3 lights. Not get 3 Smart Bulbs.

I have heard issues with MESH Router setups having issues in the past with Smart Devices. Is that still a thing?