Having trouble creating rules

I have two cameras, one is a wyze cam the other one is a wyze cam pan. I created two rules one when I leave my home to turn the cameras on and the other to turn cameras off when I return. The one rule with the wyze cam pan, works perfectly.

The rule with the wyze cam I cannot get it to turn off when I return home.
Was wondering if someone can help with this.

In order to help, it would be useful for you to post screenshots of both rules.

Here are my rules, the one in question is the one when I’m” arrive”

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You need to edit your post and delete the address from the images. Also, your second rule turns on the living room cam rather than turning it off.



Here are my rules, hope you can help.

In the rules you posted, the PanCam rule is the one that should be malfunctioning.

The Living Room Cam (CamPan) is turned on both when you exit and enter.

The Office Cam looks to have the rules set correctly.

EDIT… You posted exactly when I did.

Looks like you modified the rules.

Did that help? They look like they should work so long as you keep you GPS location on in your phone.


The second screenshot still has your address pretty readable


So did your changes to the rule get them working?

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So far so good, will know more tomorrow when I really use the camera’s more.
Thanks for asking