Having an issue with my new outdoor model

Having an issue with my new outdoor model
I basically have it on the second floor outdoors pointing downward to the street but all I get is a bright illuminated light no figures are able to appear See enclosed image I hope someone can help me fix this, thanks in advancE

I suspect that you have the cam in a dark room behind a glass door looking outside. Try moving the cam outside.


Agreed, too much contrast with the dark room vs bright outside makes the camera blind to the oustside.


@shifty189 & @xtremehumvee84 are correct. The majority of your image is in view, the outdoors is washed out by bright light. These camera do not have a “white balance control” (ALC ATW AWB AWC).

Note: The WOC also uses a ‘passive infrared sensor’ to detect movement on the bottom half of the field of view. The PIR won’t detect movement through glass.

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I moved the camera right to the edge of the railing same result if I looked down and it’s bright down there that’s what I get

The camera is outside the class just looking straight down

No matter where I put the camera if I look down into the light that’s the result I get

I tried that same result there’s no way I could look down at that area, unless it’s night time

You could try putting it into night mode. It will be black and white, but otherwise might have a better image

If you have tried filling the field of view with mostly the light area and it is still being washed out then try a lower angle so the light is not being reflected into the lens.

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Yeah I tried that same result it seems like I can’t look down into the light and I can’t take the camera down to the first floor either, thank you

I’ll give it a try I didn’t want it that way but if it works OK

What if you zip tie the stand to the outside of the railing except lower down where the railing meets the floor? Reach through the bars and place the camera on the stand and angle it down?

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From that location it appears that you can’t escape situations with hard sun and dark shadows all in the frame together during the day unless it’s overcast. For best exposure try to have everything in frame have the same or similar lighting conditions, which is tough outside.

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Can’t do that that’s my neighbors property , But thank you

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Howsabout something along the lines of a polarizing filter

Seams unrealistic to add a filter to a WCO. It’s got a funny shape

There should be some type of tinted sunglasses for this purpose, thank you

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Best of luck to you. Please let us know how it works out.

Thank you, does everyone run into this issue with these cameras were if you’re in a second-floor look down to the first and it’s bright down there or you don’t get an image?