Have Wyze Doorbell Use Existing Chime

Sadly, I’m thinking you have a point. Perhaps they just have a million and one ideas floating around and will get around to it eventually.

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I’m with you. I was about to purchase until I saw that it disabled my existing doorbell system.
By the way regular doorbells use momentary contact (normally open switch) to ring the bell.


So I’ve had this thing for a month or 2 and it’s not all bad…yes when i bought it i expected to chime The existing doorbell chime in my house but it is what it is i guess… i feel like the plug in chime should be a wireless install option only but offered as an accessory you can buy separately if you want a different chime then the one in your home so i think the wired install should work with your existing doorbell chime. Obviously the doorbell knows how to send a signal when the button is pushed so i don’t know why they couldn’t include a reciever ,similar to the plug in chime , that plugs in near your existing doorbell chime and wires directly to it , so that when the doorbell button is pressed it sends the signal to the receiver , which then signals the existing home doorbell chime. They could use that reciever in place of the plug in chime and that would make an awesome WIRED INSTALL package while still offering the plug in chime as an optional alternative but not included whereas the WIRELESS INSTALL package should include the plug in chime . This is only one way wyze could address this issue. There are so many ways this problem could be fixed it just requires them to make the effort and push for customer satisfaction. This product is the real deal and if not for this one concern, would earn a well deserved 10 out of 10stars :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:…buuuuuut…this problem does exist and has not been addressed so as of right now - :star::star::star::star::star::star::star:…its a very small oversight by the wyze product designer’s but id say its an integral oversight nonetheless. Im a nobody so my one voice alone does nothing to help fix this but looking at this thread it seems like everybody has the same opinion about this product and if this product is made for the masses then they NEED TO LISTEN to the masses when they are all saying the same thing. Get this fixed guys and when you do offer a free upgrade if we turn in our existing packages. Be smart about your products but don’t be a WYZE @$$

This could be easily achieved with a Wyze relay with the proper transformer. I do not think a Wyze plug would do it because I do not believe there is a short enough on off cycle.

I love the idea of the video door bell but the only thing holding me back from purchasing is you can’t use your existing chime in your home like the ring door bell and several others. I’d love to add the video doorbell to my home and think this would be an awesome improvement.

Using your existing chime isn’t going to happen. It’s a 24 volt AC chime and there’s no way that camera will be able to trigger it.

this is what relays are for.

I guess you might be able to disassemble one of their chimes and make a relay work for you.
Is it worth it?

My current doorbell, not wyze, triggers the existing chime. So no technical reason they couldn’t add the hardware to do it. Would love to switch to a wyze doorbell if they add this nmissing feature from my existing one.

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Being an electronics nerd I see lots of reasons why they don’t try to use the existing chime. The chime that comes with the doorbell works great and you can add more and plug them in anywhere.

We are looking at ways to accomplish this, I am hoping to have more of an update soon since this is a heavily requested thing.


Agreed. MySkybell did the same

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