Have too many licenses, can't seem to cancel some of them

I have 6 cameras at this location, and somehow have 9 licenses. How do i get rid of the excess licenses? I am not even sure how this happened.

I don’t buy my licenses from the App Store. I use the website. When I want to manage my licenses, I go to services.wyze.com, login, select My Account from the Avatar drop menu, and all my subscriptions are shown. If I want to cancel one, I click Edit and then scroll down to the bottom and click Cancel Subscription.

Not sure if clicking Manage will lead you to where you need to be. It doesn’t work for Web subscriptions.

I tried services.wyze.com (thanks for that tip), but it gets stuck on “we are loading your subscriptions”. When i try the Manage button (i bought the subs thru app), i get “Error: you are already subscribed” with an OK button. This led me to dig a little deeper and find i could candel the excess subs through google play itself, which i didnt realize was possible till now.


:+1: 2 good things!

  1. You were able to successfully cancel the subs.

  2. You taught me today that App Store Tab purchases of subs on Androids are processed thru the Google Play App Store

I am guessing on iOS those go thru the Apple Store.


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