Have Protect, and app shouts I need Plus!

App shouts at me that it needs me to have Plus, but I already have better Protect - do you feel well lately, Wyze? (TBH I have 2 Pluses also, unused!).

I WANT SMART DETECTION WITH FIENDLY FACES. I paid you for 2 Pluses and 1 Protect. I have I Pan v3. Please Wyze, can you give me what I paid (3 times) for?

My subscriptions you can see here.

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You might try to reset the subscription on the cam w\ the server by unsubscribing it from Protect and assigning it to Plus temporarily then moving it back to Protect. Once you do, clear the app cache, sign out, force close the app, unplug the cam, restart the app, then plug the cam back in to see if it will update its boot up w\ the new Protect subscription.

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