Have 2 CamPlus 3 and 2 homes. Possible to setup with 1 ID

I have a CamPlus at my home and want to setup a second one at my Mom’s home. I tried to do this with my iPhone but when I tried it was looking for my home network. Appreciate help. Sorry if this subject has been covered already.

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You will need to be physically present with the camera at your Mom’s in order for it to read the QR code on your phone’s screen during setup and connect to her network. At that point, if your phone isn’t also on your Mom’s network, you will need to manually enter the network name and password in the Wyze app during setup.

After you get the cam connected you can assign a Cam Plus license to it via Account tab > Services > Cam Plus > Edit.

This all assumes you want to be the one in charge of the camera. If you want her to be in charge, you would use an ID you created for her. In either case, you can also share the camera between two accounts. One person would be owner, and one person would be a viewer with limited control.


Thank you Newshound. Is it possible to update the network info after initial setup? I couldn’t find it when I tried the first time. I’ll try again when I go to my Mom’s.

No it is not. It’s permanent until the camera is completely reset. Thus @Newshound’s comprehensive advice.

You could also try to talk her through the process using her phone.

One other hack, if you set your own network temporarily with the same SSID and password as hers, you could set up the camera, ship it to her, and change your network back.


Unfortunately my Mom does not have a smart phone so I couldn’t try that route. I think I’ll have my wife download the app on her iPhone and set it up that way. It would be nice if Wyze added an network update feature. Maybe its a security risk.

Thanks for the response.

You don’t need two different phones, especially if you’re adding her camera to your own account, which is what this sounds like (and since she has no smart device).

Just bring your phone with you, join it to her WiFi ((hope she has it), and configure the camera there. It will NOT affect the function of the camera(s) back home. One Wyze account can use cameras on two different WiFi networks, and of course your phone can remember more than one.

(Oh, also CamPlus refers to the add on optional service, not the cameras.)

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Duh. I have 3 different web cams that I get them confused. I see that I have the Wyze Cam v3s. I also have AT&T Digital life and Arlo Pro 2. I saw that the Wyze camera was so highly reviewed so I bought one for my house. I really like it. It was cheaper to try to add the Wyze at my Mom’s rather than buy another Arlo Pro2 camera so this is the point I’m at now. Just need to set it up. I’ll try when I go over there later this weekend. Thanks again.

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Camera added at my Mom’s so now I can monitor both driveways. I don’t know why I got stuck last time. I just needed to edit the network and password fields that were pre-populated with my home values. Thanks for the help.

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Great to see the follow-up.