Has V3 Pro Camera Shipped?

Users are allowed to remain and express their disgruntlement regardless of reason or future purchasing plans as long as their posts are in line with the Community Guidelines. Negative posts are actually welcome by Wyze and helpful as they indicate key areas for improvement. As Loki previously suggested:


Totally agree. But, obviously this poster is pushing us to buy competitors hardware. Not that I would do it just because he/she says so, but come on, this is trolling, and I’ve been around so many forums that this kind of behavior is not tolerated. Maybe I should keep my “mouth” shot.

Thanks and sorry for trying to make things better…

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No, I don’t work for a competitor. But wish I did. I’ve just had bad experiences with Wyze products and even worse with their customer support. I’m not trolling anything, I’m sharing my experiences. If you don’t agree, well you don’t have to read my posts or even reply to them. And if I can’t post anything negative about a product, especially when others are having the exact same issues, then this would be nothing more than a fanboy forum. I started out liking Wyze when I first bought my V2 camera’s years ago, I even liked the V3 camera when it first came out because of it having starlight. But now there are just way too many software issues that don’t seem to get fixed. The app gets stuck trying to load recorded camera video even though my home WiFi is very solid and my internet is fast. None of my other devices have WiFi related issues. Then the camera’s will also frequently not show a live feed and then need to be unplugged to reboot. But then if you’ve read my posts you would also know about all the other issues and issues I’ve had with their other products. I’m still waiting for them to give my Wyze Band a way to delete screen photos that I uploaded or for them to address why so many people get skin rashes from the straps, including me. I’m not allergic to silicone and no other silicone watch strap has effected my skin that way. I really wanted Wyze to succeed but they continue to turn out more and more new products, without fixing what they currently have.


This is what makes Wyze a different kind of company and a pleasure to volunteer for. You are right, most companies don’t tolerate such negative feedback on their forums. Wyze welcomes it. A founding principle: “be friends with our customers”. You don’t silence a friend just because they don’t agree with you. Wyze is sticking to that principle.

That said, we have given users the ability to mute/ignore other users on the forum. We’d prefer that you take advantage of that feature rather than stopping your participation.


I totally get you, we all are frustrated with Wyze shortcomings. What I don’t get it is you saying that you are done with Wyze, yet still you keep on posting. Either you are done and gone or stick with Wyze like the rest of us.

So in your opinion, if I am done buying Wyze products then I can’t be on their forum? I will continue to be on the forum until either they actually fix the current products or the company gets sold. So stop being a bully!

I received my back-ordered V3 Pros today. :slight_smile: