Has the quality gone down or always poor?

I wanted to be a wyze fanboy but honestly the products are very disappointing. The robot vac seems to have a mind of its own. The map seems right when its charging but goes crazy when the vac starts. The hand vac has a terrible design. The flap that’s supposed to keep the dirt inside gets stuck in open causing everything to fall out if held vertical with nozzle facing down. The cam v3 stopped working in night mode when it had a minor fall on the carpet and then started working after a second fall. Man I wanted this to be the company that gives amazon and google a run for their money but too bad the quality is so poor on everything.

I believe down hill.

When Wyze came out with the V1, it was a really good product & at a great price point. Fast forward about a couple of years: I owned 8xV1s, several light bulbs, a couple of plugs, 3xPan Cam V1, V3 w/spotlight, an outdoor cam, 3 robot vacs, Wyze Sense v1, Wyze Watch 47, Wyze band, Wyze Lock x2, Wyze Headphone, and a Wyze Scale. So yes…I was a huge fan. It seems the more items Wyze created, the more issues started to happen.

  1. The V1s started to act up 1 by 1, sort of like a snow or static affect in night vision. After lots of frustration, I decided to replace all but 2 of those cameras with a different brand all together. One is livable and the other I am using for testing.

  2. Lightbulbs were a pain in the beginning, especially when the power went out. When the power would come back on … so did every light in my house. Wyze has since fixed that and I had to learn to WAIT for the network to reach each lightbulb.

  3. The plugs, shhhh…have not failed me.

  4. Pan Cams…oh lordie. All of a sudden at night, these things would SCREAM and start turning on their own. After a few times with that and when not home, check my cameras to see that I was looking at a wall…again, I got rid of 2 of those and kept 1 for testing.

  5. V3 w/spot light. This one is a highlight of Wyze. Upset they came out with this right AFTER announcing the outdoor cam. I use this to monitor my back yard with the ‘other brand’. No issues to say on this one.

  6. Outdoor Cam…NOT a fan. Yes, I still have this one, I use it to do things like watch under my camper and the squirrels. I did the whole time lapse capturing and that was pretty cool. NOT a fan that I have to have the base station in rather close range of the camera. Not a fan, but keeping…maybe I can get internet in my camper and use it while camping.

  7. Robot Vacs were pretty good except for 2 things. 1) they sold the vacs with NO replacement parts and left us to go out to find our own. 2) they started to lose mapping and today…went into standby mode and NOT come out. This one is being replaced (mere days of being out of warranty).

  8. Wyze Sense…wow, just wow. Talk about the worse thing ever. It worked, though with some some issues here and there, but it worked for the most part. BUT as soon as the battery died, so did the equipment. I think Wyze failed on that and left all of us in the dark on that issue. No replacements offered.

  9. Watch 47, working and…knock on wood, no issues. Battery life is great, the color is vibrant, and holds up well with rain splashes.

  10. Wyze Band…bad. After being promoted as being able to get wet and all the other good things, the second this thing got wet, it stopped working. Daughter got pushed into pool and after getting out (1 minute later), it constantly glitches.

  11. Wyze Locks…way easy to install and use. The best part is when you close your door, you can auto lock it. BUT, Wyze should have paired with the keypad from the beginning and had Google running as promised *instead of over a year later. Still have and use these things daily. They recover from a power outage WAY better than my Nest Yale.

  12. Wyze headphones…1 word…awesome.

  13. Wyze Scale…still working but has this nasty issue, it keeps telling me to lose weight! lol Still work and working well.

*Bonus - Customer service. At the beginning they were awesome, quick to respond, answer the calls, and helped as expected. Covid is an excuse for bad customer service. Basically, that is hit and miss. The 2 ladies I’ve worked with in the past 2 days, have been great…so not all bad.

So as a wrap up, I will probably not buy anymore Wyze products until the 2 or 3 generation of those items. As each of the remaining products die, I will probably not replace them.

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