Has anyone used a inline fuse for the wyze video doorbell? If so what size.?

I’m using a plug type transformer(120v-24v) to power the device. Wondering if 3 amp fuse is to high.
Everything I deal with in hvac/R is 24volt with a 3 amp fuse. So…

What happened to the fuse that came included with the doorbell? The white wire?

I still have it, but it does not have any ratings on it. Besides that, it’s a one time deal. I want to be able to change it if need be.
The doorbell is 500ma, ½ amp if I’m not mistaken.

I used a 24v wall wart power adapter as well. Wired it direct and left the fused link in the box. Still chugging along 2 years later.

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Mine was till the carpenters doing the siding shorted the wires :rofl:.
That’s why I’m asking, probably won’t ever happen again, but you know… Karma!


Hi I changed homes and in the transit I misplaced the fuse wire, now how do I get one from HomeDepot & what am I to tell the guy?

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You’re not going to find it at Home Depot, or anywhere else for that matter short of a specialty electronics shop. It is a one and done fuse link that isn’t very popular since they have to be rewired every time they blow out.

If you are dead set on wiring one in, the best bet is an Auto Parts Box Store. You want an “In-Line fuse holder” that takes replaceable fuses. There are many styles that hold glass tube fuses or blade fuses in micro, mini, small, and large sizes.

The VDBv1 requires 16-24V over 10VA. At the minimum power requirements, that is .62-.41A so the safest fuse would be a 1A although a 3A would be the easiest and most popular to find.

Alternatively, you could wait for the VDBv1 Replacement Mount Kit to come back into stock.

I’m gonna add to that, it you buy a glass inline fuse holder, you can find the half amp fuses easier. 3 amp would probably not blow and fry the doorbell.
The reason I say that is, you probably won’t get to 3 amps and it’s fried by then.