Has anyone had success using their Wyze Cam with an airport express that doesn't have a WAN connection

I am trying to use my Wyze Cam with my Airport express minus an actual connection to the internet.

When going through setup using the AE in bridge mode I get the QR code to scan but then the connection setup fails.

When I set my AE to DHCP & NAT mode so that it assigns IPs via DHCP I do not get the QR code and cannot proceed to the next step.

Has anyone had a similar issue or success? Maybe I’m overlooking something!

Wyze requires an actual internet connection during setup at the very least as the camera connects to a Wyze server for MAC address verification among other things. After setup the cameras still require a live internet connect when they boot.


Thank you, I thought that this might be the case but wanted further clarification.

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@rbruceporter deserves a solved for that one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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