Happy times!

Can someone confirm this issue: I have had my wyze cams integrated with blue iris and home assistant for around a year now and have always suffered from cameras dropping out way too often like every other day to the point I gave up because I would have to log in on my phone and re-establish the connection. now all of a sudden they are working perfectly and have been up for weeks now, problem is I don’t know why I don’t recall making any changes of note that would have corrected this it just seemed to happen did something change software/firmware that I may have missed?

I wish. It is still completely unpredictable despite extensive testing and troubleshooting.

Correct. Inconsistent connectivity. However, I am not certain if it is just one issue…

I have found using tinycam pro as the viewer (4 pane) to be fairly stable (as compared to the wyze app itself), but i do find that often times one or more of those cameras in the 4 pane view will disconnect and find myself having to refresh (sometimes a few times) before I get the image/connectivity to return to normal…

I think its a combination of your hi speed internet service, your wifi router capabilities, the wyze hardware and of course, the firmware (software) that controls the brain/functionality/stability of the cameras… I think that’s why there has to be the combination of strong hardware and stable software in order to achieve the functionality we are seeking.

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