Had to walk right up to the front door

I hate lazy dog owners

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You need to integrate a pop up lawn sprinkler.


Hmmm, great idea, just added Smart Sprinkers to the wishlist!

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I wonder Why are they even walking their dog across your lawn in the 1st place :roll_eyes:

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Sprinkler a pellet rifle works far better and even if the dog owner won’t be responible for his pet the dog won’t go near your lawn after a encounter with a 1.77 round to his rear.

I don’t agree with that at all .
Why be cruel to the dog when the person is the one in control of everything ? the dog is on a leash
Are you going to go out there and shoot the dog in the rear, right in front of the owner ? be better to shoot the owner in rear


yes I would shoot the owner in the rear because why is he on my lawn and property. If the dog is off the leash then the dog gets one to the rear.