H264 Files not deleted from MicroSD

Hi, I noticed Today when I plugged into my Laptop the MicroSD of Wyze Cam v2, there are only 2 Folders of Videos, but several Months of Time Lapse Folders with h264 files. I delete the Time Lapse Videos from the App, do I need to Manually delete the h264 files from MicroSD? Thank you

Firmware Version
App Version 2.0.26
Android Version 8.1.0

The µSD card video files will be overwritten automatically if it is installed in the camera correctly and set to record continuously. Older files are replaced with newer files on an as space is required basis. Perhaps I am not understanding your question correctly. You can also use the format feature in the app to clear your µSD card and start over fresh with an empty µSD card.

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It keeps a disproportionate History of Time Lapse Folders, and Days of Continuous Recording.

It only has 2 Days of Continuous Recording, and several Months of Time Lapse Folders.

I can’t view a Recording of more than 2 Days ago. If it stored less Time Lapse Folders, that would allow more History of Days for Continuous Recording.

Maybe a Setting that was for “Number of Days before Time Lapse Videos are overwritten”.

I see the Option to Format SD Card, but it is not the best solution

Thank you

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