Gunfire, followed by Wyze Video of Hit and Run

Oakland, California. After five gunshots, one of the cars involved in the shooting did an evasive maneuver. It backed into parked cars at high speed at 12:41 a.m., and then drove off. The police arrived a few minutes later, looked around for shell casings, and did not find anyone injured.

Unfortunately, because this is a Wyze V2 that I keep inside and point out the window, I had the audio off. I just ordered a water-resistant Wyze V3 that I will mount outside with the audio on.


The improved low light will be crazy good for you, it’ll be like literally night and day. :slight_smile:

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Impressive crash.

I’m kind of surprised they could drive away after the front right quarter of their car just disappeared. I bet they just chop-shop that entire vehicle. If they try to take it somewhere official to fix up, they’ll get caught as suspects in the shooting or at least charges for hit and run. I guess it could’ve been stolen too though.

I think the OP said the car was going backward. So it was the trunk that got smashed. But you’re right, they probably chopped it up.

Oh yeah, you’re right, I’ll dock myself a grade level for reading comprehension (not paying close attention). :slight_smile:

The camera view made it look like headlights hitting in there, but further inspection shows it was the trunk. Thanks. Makes a lot more sense how it could drive away after that.


Probably stolen, Oakland, CA is number one for car thefts in the USA.
Motor vehicle theft rate: 1,199 per 100k people
Average annual motor vehicle thefts: 5,202
Overall property theft rate: 5,874 per 100k people
Violent crime rate: 1,269 per 100k people