Guest/Visitor Mode to Temporarily Disable Automations

I would love to see a switch to disable all rules temporarily. This could be done by either delaying rules in hour increments (ex: 12 hours), or just until it is toggled back on.

The use case for this request is to make homes easier for guests or visitors who don’t know all the nuisances of a particular home’s smart automations. I’ve had guests who have sat in the dark while in the bathroom because before my motion sensor could tell the lights to turn on, my guest looked for the light switch and pressed it turning off the lights. I’ve had the same issue with young kids in another room and another automation. My current solution is to disable all rules before guest come over, turn all lights to 100% Brightness and a neutral white, and then turn off all the switches (smart switches but not from wyze). I then have to turn on automations once they leave, one by one. It would be awesome if we could have scene support that toggled off automations for these reasons.

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