Guess what you just heard

Hint: it was NOT a gun, :scream:


Opening a can of pop?

Pulling the cork on sparkling wine?

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One of your puppies popping a balloon? :balloon:

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It was a bloated can of dog food. The audio doesn’t exactly sync up with the video. But, if you look closely you can see when the can lid blows out of my hand.

And it gave out a smell so bad, that even a half can of Febreze couldn’t help. It has taken 10 candles burning all day to make even a little dent. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :biohazard:

Note to self: NEVER open a bloated can inside the house again.


The audio is delayed, see the can pop then 2-3 seconds later POP.
I see Wyze still has this issue…


I just went back and watched the “playback” again and the video and sound sync up perfectly. So it seems the delay is introduced when a recording is created.

I am tagging @WyzeChao and @WyzeGwendolyn on this because my video is on a V3 camera. I don’t know if anything can be done, but at least this will bring it to their attention. Ticket #97136
Let me know if you want to me make an entry in CenterCode too.


Botulism is a rare and potentially fatal illness caused by a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. That is what makes the can swell. Be safe! :biohazard:


I’m glad I’m not the only science nerd lol


I remember when I was a kid there were more cases reported. Usually by people who tried doing home canning for the first time.

So, I should have known better. But, I did contact both the online retailer and the manufacturer and made them aware of the issue. I made the bad assumption that it was just a dented can, like most of the others in that dog food case.


It’s good that you weren’t hit by flying debris or didn’t keel-over from the horrific smell :canned_food:

Wow, that’s a lot of Fabreze and candles :mask:.

Did the odor dissipate yet or are you wearing respirators in the house?


Hi @ThreeTen, I will admit to some serious dry heaves, so it’s good that I had not yet had breakfast. If I had a respirator, I would have used it. :laughing:

The scented candles did clear the air. But when the can blew, it released a find aerosol mist that settled on everything within 4 feet. I spend a fair amount of time wiping everything down with disinfectant. I can’t smell anything now, but I may have gone “nose blind” too.

I’m just thankful chunks of rotten dog food didn’t go flying everywhere.


What a horrible and unfortunate experience. I’m feeling a little bit green thinking about it. :nauseated_face:


I don’t doubt it for a minute @mvb… intense odors certainly have that effect.

Did you hear back from the retailer or more importantly the manufacturer regarding their bad product (especially if it wasn’t past it’s expiration date)?

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@ThreeTen, I heard back from the retailer ( in less than 30 minutes. They replaced the entire case of canned dog food. And the replacement case was in my hands in less than 24 hours. And on Sunday, a CS Supervisor called and followed up. And she even issued a credit to my credit card. I would say that Chewy went above and beyond to make sure I was safe and all right.

I am still waiting to hear from the manufacturer. I am not going to name them at this point. It was just a single can in that case and the expiration date is June 2023. As best as I can tell the canning date was June 22, 2020. I am hoping this was isolated to that single can. But, they have the lot number and hope they follow up.

If I do not hear from them or am not satisfied with their response, I will stop buying their products and move to another company.

Thank you for asking.


That was definitely fast work on the retailer’s part to make things right for you @mvb (especially since you had the incident caught on camera). Wow - - that was quick alright to be in delivered under 24 hours. Nice that a Supervisor called and issued a credit as well… can’t complain about their customer service.

No need to name them, I understand.

Sounds like a fair plan to me.

No worries… you’re welcome.


Super relieved that you’re okay! Thanks for sharing both the video and the wisdom! :grimacing:


Actually, it was pretty stupid of me to open that can. I had my suspicions about it beforehand. I should have trusted my inner voice,

But, I am getting 2 cases of canned dog food out of the deal. So there’s that. :rofl:

Doesn’t that mean contents are spoiled? Hope you didn’t give to your loved one.

Yes, that can was SO spoiled I could barely handle the smell. The boys got a fresh can.