Groups do not show up on multiple devices with same account

I have an iPhone and iPad. Both log in with the same Wyze account. I created groups to group my cameras on the iPhone Wyze app, but when i log into the same account on my iPad the groups does not show up. I know its easy to create but its kind of annoying that it just doesn’t do it on its own, i actually have two iPads that don’t have the groups show up unless i recreate it.

It’s been a while, but if I remember correctly I only had to regroup things on device that was on a shared account, not one signed into the main account. For example, I originally set up the groups, rules, etc on my iPhone but on my wife’s iPhone I had to group the cameras again for her. However, on other Android tablets signed in to the main admin account, the groupings were already there. Maybe it’s an IOS thing?

Hmm maybe, not sure, i don’t have any android devices.

Anyone from Wyze? I can regroup but dont think that’s the point, if its a bug then it should be fixed.