Grouped camera not recording events

I have two cameras facing the front of my house from different angles. I just added them to a group with the new feature. Ever since doing so, only one of the two cameras records any activity and saves it in Events.

Both cameras are visible and work when I select the group from the home screen.

Is this expected behavior (that only one camera’s video is saved in Events when two or more are grouped together)?

Thanks in advance.

have you checked your detection settings? or by chance do you have any shortcuts that turn the camera off that you might have hit by mistake?

I don’t see a way to check the settings while the camera is part of a group.

If I remove the camera from the group and check settings, they are what I had set before grouping. The camera recorded events with no problem before being added to the group.

There aren’t any automation settings that would have turned off the recordings.

Thanks for the suggestions, though.

go into your group that has the camera you want to check. tap the the frame for that camera you want to adjust settings only. you will see a little square at the bottom of the frame of that camera. when you click that square you will go into just that camera and you will see it as you did before the group feature where you can check the settings.

try that and let me know if that works for you to access settings.


Yeah. That got me in to settings. Thanks.

Still not sure why events aren’t recording, though. I’ll mess with it some more.


Manually restarting the camera must have shaken something loose. It’s recording events now.


glad you figured it out!