Group ID popup?

Has anyone else been receiving a popup with ‘group_id#####’ with random numbers? It’s been going on for about a month now when I log in on the wyze screen that shows all my cams. Thanks.

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Welcome to the group! Could you please provide more info as to your setup and especially app version, phone or device info (I see the Android tag but brand, type etc). My gut tells me you may be on a non production version of the app, but I’ll await your reply for more guesses at a reason for this.

As a reminder, more info is better when looking for assistance. “Paint the picture” for the rest of us users that want to help. Thanks in advance!


I see the group_id message a few times a week when starting the app up… down at the bottom of the screen, white text over the Wyze blue background. It goes away after initialization of some sort, perhaps loading user prefs from the cloud? I’ll try to screenshot it next time I see it, but it doesn’t stay around very long.

Android 10
Wyze app v2.14.35, public release (been noticing this oddity for at least 3 releases)