Greyed Put Playback button on Wyze App

The playback issue that was reported and addressed in the app update was not for the CamPlus Lite 12s Cloud Stored Video Events.

It was for the SD Card Playback icon appearing at the bottom of the Cloud Event Viewer page in the iOS app.

Feedback from users has been that this is now working.

Yes, finally!

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Is it now working for you after the app update?

Yes, it is working now

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Still NOT WORKING for me. On iOS and updated to the latest version of the app.

Whats your app version? Check in account > about

What have you done for troubleshooting? Restart app after updating? Restart phone after update? Etc…

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I’m running app version 2.34.1 (1)

I’ve restarted app, restarted phone, signed out of app then signed back in, deleted app then reinstalled. Still no luck.