Green type is impossible to read

Please get rid of the GREEN type. It"s impossible to read. No contrant at all. Then you web person puts GREEN type on a GREEN background. WOW Does anyone at you company look at these pages? PLEASE Change it to Black. There’s no reason for pages with NO CONTRAST. Good Grief, Charlie Brown.

The upper right column where I have “Android” makes no sense

Could you provide a screenshot? All the text on the forum and my (older) Android app is black / dark gray. Some of the screen elements (e.g., Reply button) are aquamarine-ish with clear white text…


Can you be more specific as to where you see this? I am guessing you mean either the forums or website. Can you post a screen shot like @Customer ask for?


Closest I can find are the related links at the bottom of the support pages…

Gonna have to wait till @pugo46 responds to see for sure. I don’t know where this “Android” column is either.

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Duh. Hit any “reply” button. When comments window opens Look at the headline above where we type. GREEN HEADLINE. Plus look to the right Grey area with black type and "For more. Green green green. This panel will blah blah. A little ontrast goes a long way to making a readable and enjoyable page.

Perfectly readable to me.