Green screen

I have cameras 4 at home, 4 at remote property and 6 at work. All are working except one, that lost its color (turned green after using a years outside with a rubber cover) I have one of the new ones I purchased with the first pre-order, ordered 3 more on the second pre order Disappointed I was able to order another through Home Depot and get it in 2 days.
The new one on remote property I have setup with a hot spot with wireless range extender (50ft) with the included base station plugged into the extender and the camera set 75ft away from the base station on the other side of a wall. It works fine. In case you are not counting I will have a total of 18 cameras. You can say I am a big fan. Thanks WYZE


Does the night vision/Black and White still work? If it does you might be able to repurpose this camera for use in a basement, attic, or crawl space where you don’t need a color camera a lot.

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The last update fixed the color problem

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