Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

Unfortunately, my suggestion (which is VERY different form the main topic) got merged into this thread by the moderator. I tried to create a new suggestion, but it’s probably lost in this thread. SO MANY problems would be solved by this (relatively simple) feature, Perhaps when the new firmware comes out, I will try to submit it again as a top-level suggestion.

Any chance of getting this on the V3 cameras? I still only have the single box.


How about the door sensors & the motion sensors?
All six of my door sensor are reporting off line as well as the motion sensor
The camera that has the bridge still works fine and the app still sees them but does not receive the notices. All 7 of the sensors stll have the alert light working, just not notices

Be able to make the detection zone into multiple shapes, other than a square/rectangle, to help with cameras that are at an angle or the street/property line is not perpendicular to the camera.

Was the grid based detection zone feature removed in a recent update? I had a nice custom zone setup on my v2 camera on my front porch to avoid the street and sidewalk that cut through the frame at a slight angle. I just upgraded that camera to a V3 and noticed that I’m back to having a rectangle that I can adjust the borders on only. I checked on my other v2s and now see that the grid based detection zone isn’t available on any of them anymore. What happened? I don’t have any firmware updates pending and my app (android) is up to date

I have this question also… Was there a problem in your implementation?

No idea why, the feature was good, but did not solve everything, it reduced the false alarms by 50+%

It was not removed, they just have not implemented it on the v3 yet, it is currently available on the v2 and Pan but will make its way to the v3.

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I haven’t plugged the v2 from my porch back in since switching it out with a v3 but none of my other v2’s have this option. When I just checked in my app I noticed that the firmware version on the camera that had the grid detection zone is version while my other v2’s have firmware… all say they’re up to date. What gives?

Jason, what seems to be the hold up on releasing the new and improved detection zone for the V3? It is probably the most popular camera that Wyze has released yet

Hummm, this feature is not beta? How do we get this feature? I have the v2, my firmware shows version and says it’s up-to-date. My app is v2.17.21 iOS.

I know there was an issue with the grid system, I am running beta and it is on there, they may have stopped the roll out until the issue was fixed, that I am unsure of.

To be honest I am not sure, I changed all but one of my outdoor cams to v3 so I do miss the grid. My guess is they want the problems fixed before the implement but that is just a wild guess on my part

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This looks really good. Now if I could only figure out how to get it.

I just did it. First make sure your App is up-to-date. Then you need to enable Beta from your app. It gives you a list of devices to choose from – mine is a Wyze Cam V2 but only Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam V3 were listed not V2. Wyze chat person told me to choose Wyze Cam so I did that. It welcomed me to Beta and directed me to update camera firmware. For each camera I went to Settings → Device Info → Firmware and it now showed a new FW version ( Once I updated the cameras the grid detection zone was there.

I’ve done beta. Not going to do it again. Too many bugs to work around with new versions. I appreciate the people who do it but not for me.

Strange as I am on beta also and all cams snow on latest firmware yet it’s not as recent as yours.
V2 are 4.96.218 and V3

The grid pattern detection zone was introduced with firmware they had problems with it and pulled back that firmware very soon after and no new firmware has been introduced into the production app for that grid pattern to be available.
if you really wanted the grid pattern available on your V2 cameras you could flash the firmware with your SD card onto your cameras , by downloading it here
Or you could run the beta app that apparently does have that available.
The wyze team is working on getting that grid pattern detection zone function on all the cameras , but there is no timeline set


can you please share more controls over the zones.

They had one but it had problems so they pulled it back for further refining

I propose that the Detection Zone be like what Google Nest offers. I also propose the option to turn on or off people, motion, pet, package, vehicle for each zone, and whether or not you will get notified.

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