Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

I have versions on most, as well as on a pan, and on a V2. All are supporting smaller boxes and higher sensitivity… but still a rectangular shape.

best example I’ve seen is used in the Eufy 2K that I have…

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Don’t bother wasting your time asking for this feature. Wyze and their Designer/Manufacturer has moved on to bigger and more profitable things. Most likely the processor and memory in the camera are inadequate to handle more complex polygons. Let’s hope their outdoor camera which I preordered has better detection area settings. Fortunately I use the Blink cameras for anything that requires more reliable detection.


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Yeah, I got that sense too. That’s why I put a pause on buying more cameras. I bought quite a few cameras assuming that they are still young, and this would organically be part of the roadmap, but…

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Just wanna say.
I am a Wyze user BUT
I LOVE my new Eufys
Way way better image quality
And an awesome detection zone control,
Don’t believe me? Try it !!

I’ve just updated the firmware in one of my v2 cameras to v4.9.6.156 and using v2.12.29 of the Android app, the minimum detection area is still twice the width and height of what is possible to set using v2.8.23 of the Android app. bphick can you please check and compare your results to the screen captures in Minimum height and width of the detection zone has changed - #7 by Seapup

Please post some screen captures.

I agree that it doesn’t seem as small as it used to be a year ago, But it is vastly smaller than it was, and for my purposes, detection of hummingbirds on that feeder, way more sensitive and accurate at detection, like it was a year ago.

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Sorry, I don’t have older photos. However, I confirm that the current zone is still at least twice as large a year ago. I used to zoom in on just the bottom of the feeder.

Albeit reluctantly, I have to agree that it appears that way.

You be absolutely correct… Mine: Eufy 2K

This is the current size.

Not for me.

is your firmware the same??

The annoying, and unintentional detection of moving trees, shrubs was driving me crazy, and it looks like Wyze won’t implement that fix anytime soon… so I just purchased Eufy. Currently they are on sale on Amazon. I won’t post a direct link ( I don’t want to be a [Mod Edit] to Wyze people ) but if you want the coupon for $10 off, search for Eufy. Pan Cam is for 39 and standard cam is 29.

Still keeping my wyze cams, but will give eufy a try.
Hopefully they take this issue seriously - as soon as possible…

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The Eufy looks nice but for an outdoor camera, the Wyze cam (with a cheap case) does a pretty good job for the price.

Unfortunately, if seems like long standing requests are being ignored due to all of the other Wyze items.

The lack of better detection control reduces the usefulness of 2 of my cameras.

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I definitely agree with you that the Wyze cam does a lot for the price! :+1:

Sadly I must also agree with you on the two points quoted above. :rage:

Hopefully Wyze will get the message soon and either :

  1. start acting on some of the very long standing requests, or

  2. just be an honest friend and tell us which wishlist items are not ever going to happen for whatever reasons (technical, legal, etc). (yes, I know about the “probably not” status, and I think a lot more items deserve to be labeled that way)

Then we can figure out workarounds, or make realistic purchase plans around the existing Wyze hardware limitations, instead of debating whether the space heater will be released before or after the air purifier or lawn sprinkler.

I know that Wyze gets to keep a lot more customers by stringing us along with the vague hope that some of these features may eventually happen, but at some point enough users will sour that the exodus from a spoiled brand will become a tidal wave rushing out to sea…

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I have the Eufy 2K and a couple things really stand out… Number 1, the video quality of the clip is sharper than that of the the V2 from Wyze and the Software is much more versatile. I am well invested in Wyze, I just wish they would incorporate some of the Features offered by other camera mfgrs.


Agree on all points

I received one to replace my indoor camera which faces outside. This thing is great. I’m ordering 2 more to try for outdoor use… one is under an overhang so it may be fine… the other is fully exposed so I’m looking for options.