Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

4 corners, WITH INDEPENDENT ADJUSTMENT would be great
but you really need a minimum of 6 points, or more.
Or you need 2 levels of zone adjustment

why, why, why does it take years to make this app work the way it should from DAY 1?
no excuses, fire the app developers, code writers, and hire new ones


8 points independent of each other

Can this be so hard to implement for skilled app developers?


You are being harsh for no reason. You must understand that there are priorities. The devs probably are working on something else, that the company has decided to have a higher importance.
Hopefully since this topic has started to get more and more traction, they will raise the priority on this and create the solution we all desire.
Wyze team, we know you can do it and hopefully you will soon


I would appreciate being able to set a smaller detection zone. It seems like it used to allow a smaller size in the past.

Stating the facts is not being harsh
Just telling it like it is so…sometimes the truth hurts

I think detection zones should be at the top of the priority list, from day 1

Stay safe everyone!!!

from my 

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Yeah, I get daily reminders that Wyze can’t seem to solve a problem nearly every competitor solved during development when I have to delete multiple videos due to lack of detection zone control.

This is a long discourse that has been a complaint of users for too long, come on Wyze…


I agree that a grid for motion detection zone selection would be a simple enhancement that would make it much more user friendly and flexible way to set up the zone.

It’s unfortunate that such a solid product is missing a feature that many other more inferior cameras offer.

Why has this request been pending for so long without a resolution?


Because Wyze doesn’t understand that this is one of the most important missing features

I’m tired of getting false alerts every time a car passes by, especially when I’m sleeping.

It should have been there since day 1
If not grid, just give a simple 8 point, adjustable polygon type shape


The motion detection area horizontally has been limited from previous version. I would appreciate your allowing adjustment for a narrower horizontal width. Thanks

So would thousands of other Wyze users!!! :slight_smile:

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Maybe incentive for the Wyze team to implement this is the fact that it would drastically reduce the amount of cloud storage because there would be far less false triggers. Currently my general experience can at times be way more false triggers than things I want to catch. With this feature in place I would be able to adjust the sensitivity to also better catch the things that I DO want to catch.
multiple zones, whether a matrix or exclusion zones, or drawing zones manually… anything, would make this far more effective. Most cameras I have seen simply have a matrix where you can toggle squares on/off. Of course for diagonal exclusions or inclusions, the matrix would need to have sufficient resolution. Very simple to implement, does not increase processing strain (arguably reduces it), saves storage on the cloud, improves performance/experience. Any reason not to go ahead?


I like to have passing cars enabled.

My street has traffic after 11pm to about 6 am of a car maybe every 1-2 hours.
later from 2-5 I may get 2 cars.

at 3:45 am someone tried to get into my car and the first thing was I got to see a truck parked on the street with lights on near my car and the next door neighbors car.

tossed on pants and got a sensor trigger from my car door… hit the front porch light and stepped out as they took off.

now added an IR light outside.

I would like to see zone times as well for the selected field.
in day 6am-1:59 am zone selected = just my porch and yard, from 2am to 5:59 am car and street zone.

similar to be able to set on the 360 cam zones… the ability to select a zone and time range.

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My Amcrests do that.

Manything app has a grid where you can mask off area of no interest.
That app is to use old phones as cameras. eehh. Wyze is better.

Wyze is currently fundraising for their next investor traunch so don’t hold your breath on any detection zone improvements…

Do any Wyze Admins even read these???

they introduce new stuff before finishing their current
no excuses, why Wyze’s zone detection is probably the worst from ANY camera manufacturer
it’s basically useless for MANY of us!!

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A flag blowing out front in the middle of my view forces to choose between motion zone on cars in the driveway or front door… I can’t select both :frowning:

Just a small tweak to the detection area would GREATLY be appreciated.

Rather than a box with fixed 90° corners it would be so much better if we could drag one corner at a time.
My camera is facing the STREET and on an ANGLE, like many ppl I suspect.

I don’t want to capture every car that goes down the road. Because of the angle, I need to catch the road in order to get the sidewalk.

If dragging just one corner at a time is not possible?
Perhaps ADDING in the more than one capture area?
Or ADD an ignore area? (Like a window frame. If there is movement there it’s likely a bug)



That’s the no.1 top request,
Unfortunately, It’s at the bottom of their list