Got Detection working on 3 PTZ cams

I got mine working

Downloaded Oder firmware .108 from last July on to SD card

Renamed to Demo.bin

Uninstalled devices from app

Put in SD card held down reset button through power up

Push reset again to get message “ ready to install”

Installed device following app guidelines

Took out SD card and used it it to do the same for other cameras.

Odd thing is that under device info it says it has the latest firmware, same as before when it didn’t work. I don’t know it’s kind of odd, but they all work just like they are supposed to.

Keeping my fingers crossed

Motion tracking, detection, and notifications working - event recording must be turned on for notifications to work it seems.

thats kind of odd. I just tried flashing older firmware to test something and upon seeing that the camera said it had the latest FW I figured the flash didnt take…now I need to go home and test some things apparently. it may have taken after app apparently.

thanks for the heads up.