Google WiFi and Wyze Doorbell setup

Am I going to have an issue connecting my doorbell using my Google WiFi. I can connect most 2.4gh specific devices by moving far away from the access point since Google WiFi does not have a dedicated way to connect to the 2.4 gh network but the doorbell will be stuck in place and I can’t move it far enough away to force a 2.4gh connection. Is this going to be an issue? Just want to know before I remove the old doorbell and connect the Wyze Doorbell.

It shouldn’t matter, because the way the band steering works, is if the Google WIFI sees a device on both 2.4 and 5ghz, then it bans it from 2.4ghz. The doorbell should only appear on 2.4, so it won’t get banned. I use a Ubiquiti access point that also provides the same network on 2.4 and 5, and the doorbell connects to the 2.4 without issue, while my 5 capable clients automatically connect to 5.

Band steering is based on heuristics, though. The signal on 2.4 will always be stronger than on 5, so the Google WIFI has to decide if the signal on 5 is too weak, and then let the client join on 2.4. If it decides wrong, or the client moves from a good 5 zone to a poor 5 zone, it won’t immediately switch to 2.4.

Google WIFI could be broken in other interesting ways that cause problems, so this is no guarantee, but my guess is it will connect to wifi fine.

Interesting. In the past I have had to connect all my smart-home devices that require a 2.4ghz connection like cameras and tuya wifi devices far away from my access point in the corner of my house where my phone only connects to the 2.4ghz network. Then once they are connected I can move them to where I need them. Fingers crossed. I will install it this weekend and hopefully it will work without any issues.

I’m not sure if you’ll have setup issues or not. If you want to setup the doorbell far away, you could use the small micro USB connection under the gray flap on the back of the doorbell.

This is not a way to permanently power the doorbell and it’s not outdoor rated.

Great idea! Would never have known that was there. Thanks.

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I have Google WiFi, and had no issue connecting the doorbell. All 3 of them.

Just connected the doorbell and I’m happy to report that I had no issues connecting to Google WiFi. Pretty impressed overall and the chime is really loud which is great. If and when detection zones are implemented I can consider getting rid of my Nest Hello but facial recognition with name announcements is going to be tough to lose. A solid product for the money.