Google Nest Max reboots viewing Wyze cam

I have two Wyze V3 cams and one Wyze Pan V2 cam.

All of them work fine on the mobile app (Android), but if I view any of them on my Google Nest Max (“OK Google, show me [camera name]”) I get video for 5 or 10 minutes, then the Nest Max reboots itself.

All 3 cameras behave the same way.

Until today, my latest V3 cam would only show the words “Wyze-cam” in white text on a black background on the Nest Max.

Today all 3 cameras work the same - I get video for 5 or 10 minutes…then a black reboot screen, the G logo, then the default Google wallpaper.

Anybody else seeing this? Any advice?

FWIW, it’s working better today. No more reboots.

But it does freeze up for > 45 minutes at a time every few hours (until I tell Google to reconnect).