Google Maps alerts

Hi I use google maps on my phone all the time while on my bike I was wonder if there ever could be an alert pushed from a map software that would push a notification with an arrow of what way to turn and how far,

I am very guilty of going off topic but what does this have to do with Wyze products?

Anyhow, there are tons of cycling apps that should do what you want. Hell, Google Maps itself has a cycling mode with turn by turn directions.

Arrow and distance pushed to the WYZE band maybe?
It would be easier to see the phone though.

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It would be easier to see yes but having the phone screen on all the time is a battery killer. Having it vibrate then just show an arrow and distance. kind of like a beeline gps device.

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It seems Osmand added the feature 6 years ago (not for Wyze Band obviously).!topic/osmand/7TB9_5862Xw

Never knew that. I’ve been using OSMand for years for offroad stuff.

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Is there a way to setup google maps(or other map service) to send a notification? The Wyze Band would vibrate and show it.