Google Local Home SDK / local device control

The Google Local Home SDK is now available to all developers via Distribuzione locale  |  Cloud-to-cloud  |  Google Home.

I hope Wyze will rework their current dysfunctional Google Home integration to support Local Home SDK. It should resolve most of the latency and reliability issues as experienced by numerous users (including myself).

I would be great to know if this is something Wyze is currently working on or considering?

I have a few Wyze Bulbs and they’ve been great to use. I control my lights through Google Home devices and it’s been working good but adding support for the Local Home SDK would make the experience even better for users by reducing latency of giving a command and the action happening. This can also be implemented for the Wyze Plug for a better user experience. Information about Local Home SDK is here Google Developers Blog: Local Home SDK ready for Actions and

This is a MUST for me