Google Home link available, integration doesn’t work

I hope that works out better this time around. :crossed_fingers:

I wouldn’t expect this to have any discernable effect on trying to stream Cam Pan v3s in Google Home, but I’ll throw this out there: After I enabled Public Preview for the Google Home app awhile back, 4 other cameras showed up in the Cameras tile on the main (Favorites) screen in my Google Home. As I mentioned previously, I’d been able to stream these to a Google Home Hub (1st generation), a Chromecast HD, and a Google TV, but now I can sometimes stream some of these in the Google Home app, as well. The experience is inconsistent and unpredictable, though.

I don’t know if trying Public Preview would have any effect on Wyze cameras, but it’s something you can tinker with and turn off if it’s not giving you any benefit.