Google Home Hub and Wyze Cam Sound Issues

I’m using the Google Home Hub to display my Wyze Cams. In my camera settings I tell it to not record sound. When I watch the stream from my Google Home Hub it is transmitting the sound no matter what. Anyone have a way around this so it doesn’t push sound to the Google Home Hub?

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I could be mistaken but I believe sound transmits in live view even if you have it set to not record it.

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Thanks for the info. Just got mine setup last week. Loving them so far!

I have searched but can only find your post. Can you explain to me the steps to get your WYZE cans to display on your Google home hub screen? Thanks in advance.

After you link your Wyze account in your Google Home app you would just say “Hey Google, show me the front door” if you named your camera Front Door.

Hi from Canada! Hub setup ok but when camera displays I get flashing screen…playing smart home camera…alternating with picture. Never stops…help!!!

Hi Jason… I just connected my wyze cams to Google Home and when streaming on live view, it does play sound from the camera, even thugh settings are set NOT TO RECORD. When I view the Live Stream on the Wyze app, it does NOT play sound. So… when streaming to the Google Home Hub, it should NOT record sound.

This is a security issue. I have camera in 2nd floor office window looking at driveway. It is concerning that sound can be accessed from live streaming when camera is configured not to record sound. My conversations in my office are no longer private… depending on who has access to the stream in the house.

Please pass this on to the devleopment team… this needs to be fixed… you can’t not stream sound on wyze app where sound recording is OFF … but send sound to Google streaming device… ignoring configuration settings.

The other issue is if sound is turned OFF for another reason (loud noises such as construction or traffic outside) … you can’t live stream without sound … which leads to horrible background noise on Google Hub stream…

It just doesnt make sense that configuration on device is not respected on other integrated devices.

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I will send this feedback to the team and let them know it is doing this.


Also having a similar issue where the Wyze cam audio feed is ALWAYS playing in the Google Home app on my Pixel Tablet.

I’ve also quit the Home App and locked the device but the audio still plays. Not having this issue with other cameras.

This has forced me to disconnect the camera as loud noises would echo between devices. Would love to be notified of any software or firmware fixes.

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I’m having the same problem with sound transmitting when viewing my cameras thru Google Home, despite the sound being turned off on the cams thru the Wyze app. Super frustrating! There is no control for the sound in the Home app, but it otherwise works fine.

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Yup same issue with me I shut down the Google app, but the sound from a cam continues. Can’t seem to stop it and have to reboot the phone

Reflecting further… it is concerning that the Settings on the camera are configured NOT to record sound, however the streaming service (to Google Home) is able to receive sound anyhow.

As a result, the device owner can not be sure if the camera controls are overridden (you need to have a source of truth)… and you can’t trust the Wyze software / hardware.

If the camera is compromised via streaming protocols, sound privacy is circumvented… and it becomes a listening device.

Any updates from Wyze development team, WyzeJasonJ?