Google Home Hub and Wyze Cam Sound Issues

I’m using the Google Home Hub to display my Wyze Cams. In my camera settings I tell it to not record sound. When I watch the stream from my Google Home Hub it is transmitting the sound no matter what. Anyone have a way around this so it doesn’t push sound to the Google Home Hub?

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I could be mistaken but I believe sound transmits in live view even if you have it set to not record it.

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Thanks for the info. Just got mine setup last week. Loving them so far!

I have searched but can only find your post. Can you explain to me the steps to get your WYZE cans to display on your Google home hub screen? Thanks in advance.

After you link your Wyze account in your Google Home app you would just say “Hey Google, show me the front door” if you named your camera Front Door.

Hi from Canada! Hub setup ok but when camera displays I get flashing screen…playing smart home camera…alternating with picture. Never stops…help!!!