Google Home/Assistant Integration

It would be better for Wyzecam to expose its API / SDK. Since they are not supporting webcam, and the development is very slow. I am a developer who loves to tinker. I found some third party api, but is far from complete:


The ability to stream it to a Chromecast would be pretty cool too if you don’t happen to have a Google Home Hub in the room your in.


This would be great, so you can easily see who is at the door when the motion sensor is set off.

Have google display made by lenovo. Would love for it to be able to show cameras live with voice command and smart home pull down menu. Integrating a few of the commands to turn off and on would add nice features. Could integrate into routines to set when leaving and returning.

That would be great if you could bring it to Google assistant I just got a Google assistant for Christmas and one of your cameras for Christmas I just wish I could watch the video feed on my Google assistant I have a little work around with using IFTTT I can do so many cool things with that I can have my Google Home turn off and on my wife Kim motion detection but it doesn’t directly work with Google assistant so I can’t view the video feed on my Google home hud but with IFTTT when there is motion detected on my wife Kim I can have it turn on all my lights in my room and notify me it’s really cool i’m very thankful for what you guys are doing it’s a game changer have been wanting one of those cameras for ever but they’ve always been way too expensive but now with your camera it’s affordable and it’s really good

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Will that work on iOS

TinyCam does not work with iOS and the developer has not given any indication of when or if it ever will.


What is this feature you’re talking about I’ve never heard of it

I definitely don’t want to have to start paying a fee for something I’m not going to use I think the wife Kim app as of right now is perfect I think the 14 day free storage is amazing but maybe you could have like a 30 day storage plan for a couple bucks a month if people are into that personally the free 14 days it’s how I would go if I had a tooth over painted for 30 days or free 14 days

OK well hopefully Wyze cam Will bring that feature to view live streams on Google Home

You replied to a post talking about TinyCam and asked if it works on iOS. I replied that it does not. It would help if you more fully describe what you’re asking about if that wasn’t it.

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I don’t think so. TinyCam is Android only. I did get “Hey Google show me the porch cam on my hub” to work with IFTTT and Tasker but the setup is somewhat klunky.


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I would like to be able to view my wyze cam Stream on my Google Home And you can do that with Tony Cam app but you said it’s not available on iOS so I’m hoping that feature will become on wyze cam app

did you have to make that IFTTT short cut yourself I would like to check it out but hopefully it becomes a feature on the wyze cam app

Am I assuming properly that the autocorrect of wyzecam is wife Kim? And that tony Cam is tinyCam?


IFTTT applet triggers with Google Assistant and then Tasker can either trigger on IFTTT notification or use Join. TinyCam has a Tasker plugin which can cast a camera. So you can’t do this on iOS.


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What suddenly happened to vote count for this Roadmap?! From 600 to 26! Can someone fix that?

We are investigating what happened to the vote count. Wyze is well aware that this is among the top three vote getters, so no worries.

I won’t player hate Amazon or Alexa for fear of getting Bezo’d, but in this world they’re are two sides. Not good and evil, not capitalism and communism, no they are Google or Alexa. I’ve chosen Google for a number of reasons, still buy almost everything off Amazon, and have found harmony with the world. So by the way, it’s now 2019 Q1… Soooo just sayin’… Kinda waitin’… Not yet… Now… Still just starting at my phone…