Google Home/Assistant Integration

This is totally possible now - why wait? If you have an Android device, download TinyCamPro - I highly recommend paying for the Pro version. Add your Wyze camera and you can cast to any chromecast including your Google Home Hub. Simple and easy and works today. You still need the Wyze app for notifications and playback of recordings on the memory card - but there is quite a bit you can do with TinyCamPro and it supports virtually every camera.


Tinycams works, but it does unfortunately not enable the coveted “Hey google, show me my front door camera”, after which it would show it on the Home Hub or Chromecast.
That’s where the magic is.

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That’s great. It’s already a 1st step and adding a lot value. Do you know how to do it on Lenovo Smart Display?

Didn’t they mention in reddit it took them 6 months to implement Alexa? So it’ll take similar amount of time to get Google Assistant

Alex the TinyCam developer indicates he is working on the magic so we should have that soon.

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Any updates on Google Home intergration ?

I love what others have done. This is quickly becoming par for the course.

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I would love to hear more about this as well. I’ve been very pleased with these products, but the lack of Google integration makes me wonder if they’re the best choice.

Especially after Google’s keynote last week, I would love to see my Wyze cams show up in the Google home app along with all the other smart tech.

I’m loving my new Wyze cameras, but Google Home integration would be amazing. I use Google Home for the rest of my smart home devices and right now the Wyze cameras feel like the odd duck out.

Thanks for making such a nice little camera!

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Its my opinion that the basic audio and video is the priority for this integration. 2-way audio is a nice to have but I am not even sure if Nest/Home Hub has the ability to do 2-way audio. I will check later when I am home.

I just voted too, I have google echo system with multiple chromecasts and smart displays and have a wyze cam, i’m just waiting for the integration to be done so i can upgrade all my house cams to wyze cam. currently using meshare cams because they support google assistant but i don’t like their cloud services,

is there any beta access to try the integration with google?

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Hello, @Pelosi! You may not have noticed, but this topic is tagged as “researching” because we’re actively doing the research for building this integration. And WyzeFrederik (who was responding higher up) actually is part of our team and heavily involved with this process. We are responding and making progress on this! :slight_smile:

But if you are not in a position to wait for us to get this critical feature implemented for you, you may want to go with another option. We’d love to keep you as a customer but the most important thing is that your needs are met.


I will provide a quick update on the development.

There are still a few unknown but we are tentatively (read, don’t bank on it just yet) targeting a Q1 2019 released.
The biggest hurdle for the moment is the fact that the protocol that we are using for Alexa is not supported by Google. We therefore have to re-package the stream in a new protocol ( <nerd alert>HLS instead of RTSP</nerd alert>).

And yes, March 31st is still Q1. :wink:

@WyzeGwendolyn Is there a way to go from Researching to Development? While we are still doing some Researching, we have also some Development work on going.


I’ll switch that out right now with GREAT delight! :smiley:

Thanks for taking the time to update everyone, @Frederik. :slight_smile:


Just for the record, I actually talked to Google (and still actively working with them) and ask them if they wanted to do the initial implementation. We will then do the maintenance and further development since they were very interested in getting us on Google Assistant. They did not agree to it.
If you think you can convince them, please, feel free to get in touch with me as I can use those extra resources for even more innovations and features that people are waiting and voted for.


Will the Lenovo smart display (which has the Google assistant integrated) talk to my Wyze cameras as well?

I have a new Google display. It’s the JBL link View similar to Google home hub but with better speakers. I would really love to see wyze cam video be able to be displayed on the JBL link View display

since you still working on the integration i wonder if you can add the feature of pushing a notification of the motion detection to google speakers and displays or Alexa echos? it will be really a good ground for future devices like wyze cam outdoor or wyze video doorbell … etc

so you can break down the actions from the most important to less as follows

1- Live stream

2- simple voice motion detection notifications to speakers and displays
(it really helpful if someone far away from the phone to be notified, showing the video footage is not important, it can be shown on the wyze app phone for now and having it available on smart displays in future, if you are worry about having too many notifications to the speakers, it can be turned off to push notification to speakers in the app settings )

3- enabling 2 way audio thru smart displays

what do you think?

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I think all those options are currently under considerations and should be added at some points but we want to make sure that we are giving some immediate love to Google Assistant. As a result, the only promise I would make is the support of Live Stream as part of the first release.
If we have the time to do more, we will but I can’t promise anything there.

As for Alexa, we are looking also at opportunity to enhance the integration coverage also but again, we have only a finite amount of development time and we need to prioritize this against everything else…


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Just to be clear, that is the actual quote from Gwendolyn’s reply to you, and I really don’t see how you considered it as nasty. I truly hope you enjoy your other cameras, and that they work the way you need them to. :slight_smile: