Google Home and T-Stat Display incorrect

I recently received my Google Home Nest so I could test Wyze with it. I primarily use Alexa, so new to Google Home.

With that said I believe there is an issue with the Display for Google Home related to the T-Stat. I have my T-Stat setup to Heat to 67 and Cool to 72. T-Stat works as expected. However the coloring on the Google Home Display is Incorrect, the Blue should be on the 72 and Red should be on the 67. I believe the actual values are in the incorrect positions as the circles above seem to be correct. Below are the images of what I see.

Here is the Wyze Display

Here is the Google Display


Don’t have the Nest, but use Google Home App.

Confirmed. Colors are inverted on the settings numbers and the circles on the dial.

Cool should be blue as the mode legend indicates:



The more I looked at it, I believe the actual values are incorrect and not the colors. In your case, the 74 should be on the right in blue and the 66 should be on the left in red.

Just an observation.

BTW: I purchased the Nest / v3 for Fathers day to see how it compares to Alexa. I did not realize you could not setup routines based on Contact or Motion Triggers. Also how it auto groups lights in rooms is interesting as well. Not sure I am going to leave Alexa. :slight_smile:


You are correct. Heat to should be on the left in red along with the red circle, Cool to should be on the right in blue along with the blue circle.

It’s just a hot mess all the way around.

I also use Alexa for my cross platform routines. I do not have any in Google Home because it is absolutely horrible for routines.

The Google Home app is also at the very bottom of my list for most everything else. None of the cams will stream by clicking on them because Google won’t allow it without the purchase of a Google display device (Nest\Chromecast). Greedy. They are also not supported by Google Assistant.

I did find recently that the Google Home app can be coaxed into streaming video from the Wyze cams, but only the “show” or “turn on” voice commands work from within the app. Assistant won’t support this.


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