Google Cast in Wyze app

With Google Assistant all you would need to do is say “Hey Google, show front drive on TV” . Opening the app would be unnecessary.
Furthermore if you had a Google Home device you would not even need to find your phone or tablet.
Have a great one and enjoy becoming Wyze.

This is coming soon!


Thank you for the clarification and I apologize for any confusion that I have caused by forgetting that I was one of the lucky few that got in early. There’s a lot to look forward to.

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In Youtube, netflix, or just about any video program that works with chromecast, there is a button that you can press that automatically makes it stream to your chromecast from your phone. (Rectangles, with some arcs on the top right corner.) Since I can already ask google assistant to put the video on chromecast, this seems like something that should be fairly easy to implement. I shouldn’t have to verbally ask my phone to cast it when I’m looking at the video on my phone.

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I think this is practical, since its already implemented via Google Assistant I think it would be easy to implement this on Wyze app just like YouTube, Netflix, etc… with the cast button. Because when you’re already viewing on Wyze app and would like to see it on a larger screen, I think its practical to have this cast button instead of opening/launching Google Assistant just to tell it to cast what you are already viewing on Wyze app to a Chromecast device. Will also be useful in cases such user with speech disability or if you just don’t want to wake up others while you command Google to cast your camera on the TV.


add my vote for a cast button. While integration with google assistant is nice, there are 2 other things to consider …

  1. google assistant integration is spotty, and does not always work. and
  2. sometimes it is easier to cast
    finally, a third issue
  3. showing my wife how to use google assistant is time consuming, especially when google assistant is not working at the time - so my wife thinks google integration is stupid because it doesn’t work reliably.

Please add the cast button to the app. I constantly get “the stream is not available” through Google Assistant, but go to open the app and everything is working just fine. Almost literally all video streaming services include the cast button in their apps these days.


I can View my cameras on phone Google Assistant can’t cast to my TV. It says the Stream from front door cam is unavailable.

Anyone have an answer from Wyze?

I works on the TV for me but I have to say it a few times, first couple of times it plays YouTube videos, I say the exact same thing every time, on the hub & phone it actually shows you what it heard and it hears the same thing each time
I think it’s the Google end with the issue
Google CEO Rishi Chandra Nest’s product boss says it’s time to rethink what it means to ‘own’ a tech product:
“We’re not going to allow the owner dictate how our products work”

I use google home to view my nest cam and recently set up a WYZE pan and tilt camera. The next cam works great on Google Home on my Note 10 however the WYZE camera give me error message that says This video Stream cant be viewed here. If you have a smart display or Chromecast you can ask the Assistant to stream it there. WYZE works fine with the WYZE app and also shows up on my Amazon Show but I cant get it to sync with the Google Home app on my phone?

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I would also like to voice support for a cast button in the app. If would be a nice alternative to the voice commands.

Me “Okay Google, stream Ben’s Room”
Google “ok, streaming Ben’s Room on Living Room TV”
Spotify starts on my tv playing a song I’ve never heard called Ben’s Room.
“Okay Google, stop”
“Okay Google, stream the camera in Ben’s Room”
Replies “streaming Ben’s Room on Living Room TV”
Nothing happens
I open up the Google Home app, rename the camera Camera 1
“Okay Google, stream Camera 1”
Replies “streaming Camera 1 on Living Room TV”
Nothing happens
I open up the Google Home app, create a routine, “Stream the camera in Ben’s Room to Living Room TV”
I activate the routine
It replies, “okay, streaming Camera 1 on Living Room TV”
Nothing happens.

I give up and watch my son on my phone until he falls asleep.

Moments later Google asks if I’m satisfied with the response. Frowny face.

An in app cast button would be so very useful.

This needs to happen! And airplay on iPhone.

Thats great when your home, Most people I know view there cameras when there away from home.
viewing your camera’s through the google app is how it should be or what echo system you running… Hence the nest camera’s.

The stream disconnects after a few minutes and I’m waiting for someone to arrive and having to keep verbally requesting a stream wow do you guys even use your own products ? Help us!


Please add a cast button. Seems rediculous I can only cast by voice in 2022 lets not forget the basics!

Rather than limiting a casting feature to one company’s protocol (Google), any casting function should support the Miracast standard. Miracast is a broad standard supported on a wide array of display devices.

Casting wyze cam live video over Google chromecast

Ability to cast my cam video live feed over chrome cast to my TV with voice commands and cast button on video feed