Google Assistant - Voice commands for turning lamp socket on and off

Thank you @cfhgarza ! That is better than rummaging around in my camera settings.

Alexa integration would still be preferred but this helps a lot.

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You can also turn the light on/off directly at the camera screen. Just above the image, top right, you should see a light bulb that you can tap. When silhouetted, the light is off; when filled-in, the light is on. Much easier than going to the camera settings, but I still hope to have voice command in the future.

That’s a really needed feature! Please @wyze, prioritize that on your jira backlog!

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Asking for insights from Wyze: has this feature made it to a near-future enhancements list? I understand why it may not have made the INITIAL minimally viable product shortlist, but his is such a basic operational need for this product as designed. How about a timeframe…?


I want to be able to manually control the light bulb in my wyze light socket using my google home speaker.


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Just got two wyze lamp sockets and of course two wyze cam V3s. I’m surprised this is not a feature of the product. Please add this feature.


The ability to control wyze lamp socket directly from with in Google home app would be great,

I expected this to work when I bought them but was very disappointed when they didn’t.

To be honest I’m quite disappointed with the lamp socket management in the wyze app in general.
They don’t even appear as separate devices but are add-ons to they wyze cam3 and you can’t even control each lamp socket separately they sync and act as one group.

But it’s sad they by default this is not a feature to have the ability to directly on/off the lamp socket from the wyze app homepage

Cant believe it dont have it either. Hopefully they update it.

The problem with turning it on from the camera screen is that it uses the default settings and turn off after a few minutes so you can’t just turn the light on and use the space for how long you want, then go back into the app when you’re done and turn it off. These really need better third party integration. I want to tie mine into home assistant.

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Not much help for direct Google/Alexa voice commands, but I was able to modify the WyzeHub driver for Hubitat to allow control of a Wyze lamp socket.

Within the driver the floodlight on/off control will control the lamp socket. So a smart home driver that controls the Wyze floodlight via the Cam V3 should control the lamp socket.

I modified this driver by changing the on() and off() methods to control the lamp socket and creating new commands for turning the camera on and off. After that I could connect it to Alexa as a normal switch through the normal Hubitat Alexa app. I now have normal Alexa voice control of the (dumb) bulb plugged into the Wyze Lamp Socket.

( [RELEASE] WyzeHub - Wyze Device Integration (minimal cam support) - Custom Apps - Hubitat )

Modifications (replace old on() off() methods with these):

def on()
def off()

Bought V3 Pro along with a couple sockets, disappointed to find that it doesn’t work with v3Pro so had to swap that out with an older V3… which defeated the purpose of getting the higher resolution camera for our front yard if I can’t use it there. Then I find out that you can’t control having the lights go on or off without going into the Wyze app…no IFTT anymore, can’t even connect it to Alexa to do a routine there. Noone in my house (including me) has been bothering to open the app to turn the lights on or off. We just flip the lightswitch which not only prevents the lights from going on automatically later, but takes the camera offline. Come on folks :slight_smile:

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Seems like a very quick and easy adjustment, even considering software dev & test life cycle. Clearly not in their priority list though.

Wyze, PLEASE add a lamp on/offcommand to Google/Alexa integration!

Also, hadn’t heard ilamp socket doesn’t work with a V3 pro; thanks for sharing that.

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Wyze owls, are you willing to make a statement if some sort on this topic? It’s a quick hit/win effort. Maybe, like, it’s in our list but not for 1H23 or something helpful?

I have both Google and Alexa. I can tell Google to Turn on X Light or Turn off X Light as I can with Alexa.

Cannot speak to the Lamp Socket yet as I removed it as I am reconfiguring things

Spamini4, no problems with lots of voice commands, but, last I checked, still can’t voice-command a lamp socket on or off. Can ONLY be done via the camera device in the app.

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Thanks for clarity here. I will set mine up and test as well. However, it probably wont be until tomorrow.

Controlling the lamp sockets is entirely too clunky. Controlling them with assistants would be amazing.

I just got done setting up 5 light sockets outside grouped with three cameras. That went pleasantly well! And didn’t even imagine I wouldn’t be able to turn my lights on and off with Alexa!
Who thought, “We’ll use their lights to power a camera, but to turn their lights on and off they will have to open the app, go to the camera, and control it from there!”
What?!? How did that make it through product planning?!? Ugh! I went from flipping a switch as I go out the door to having to stop and fiddle with my phone.
Now I have to weigh the hassle against the hassle of returning them and running power.
I just bought a hassle for the price of a smart bulb.