Gonna try a bag of rice

Looks like my WCO may have tipped its little black hat for the last time…

It’s been outside mounted on a wall during plenty of intense Tennessee storms with no problems.

This time, it was outside sitting on a deck railing during a series of storms. Just the cam… No base or anything else. I’m thinking water puddled under it and eventually snuck in. My bad.

Maybe the old bag of rice trick will dry it out. Even then, I’m guessing it might have a dirty lens now… Might have to crack it open…

I had the same thing happen to a V3 during some intense storms over the course of a couple days.

The camera was mounted upside down and had 0 blockage from the elements.

I put it in a bag of rice for 2 days and it cleared everything up. The lens was clear afterwards. I even compared it to a NIB V3. The camera is back in service with a new cover and mounted upright.

So from a first had experience, it can work, as it did for me, hope it works for you as well.

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The other day, mine was like that as well. I left it outside and hooked up, as the sun came out and things heated up, it cleared on its own and has been fine since. Wonder if it could be the humidity and not so much water got in.

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Woo! Great to hear! I’m glad it has a chance. It’s currently in the rice, sciencing.

@spamoni4 Could be humidity…it hasn’t been humid yet this year, at least not nearly to the level that this cam has been sitting in for a few years. Still…maybe with an aging unit…I can see it.

This week is the first real warm week we’ll have, so maybe some of that heat will do the trickski.


Curious as to the outcome


You guys know that rice doesn’t do anything at all to absorb moisture from the air, right? All you’re doing is relying on regular evaporation (and probably impeding it by the rice, and also inviting rice dust).

If you want to really help you can use silica gel or Damp-Rid type of products. The dollar store ones are fine.

Plenty of articles on this myth, as well as a Wikipedia page…

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Thanks @Customer.

Gonna tell me :santa: and :rabbit: are myths next?
Excuse me I’m going to go :sob: into my bowl of rice.


We clearly thought it did something…but when you put it that way…


Truth is, I’ve heard of this for years… never had any reason to try it.

The one time I did, it worked.

Gonna go on a hike to look for Bigfoot. I might have the same luck :wink:


Rumor has it that Peep and Bigfoot have never been seen in the same place at the same time.


I disassembled a broken WOC apart a week or so ago

The lens can be removed, disassembled, and cleaned.




Soweet! Thanks!

I usually put things in my gun safe that has a couple dehumidifier cartridges in it. Seems to work pretty well

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Sock drawer. Lined with silica gel, damprid and half filled w/rice.


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High on the list of things I didn’t want to know more about: Peep’s sock drawer. :slight_smile:

Also, “DAINGER”?


Instead of rice, keep those little desiccant bags you get with equipment. Put the camera and the bags in a ziplock and seal it up. Place in a warm (not hot) place. Then microwave the desiccant (just a few seconds) to drive the moisture back out after you’ve retrieved your article, and reuse. Works for cell phones too.

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Baa! Great call! I’m a dummy. I have a whole bag of those desiccant things that I bought for my photo equipment bags.

I’ll get this changed up and see how it goes. If it’s not cleared up by the time I’m back in town on Sunday, I’ll take it apart.


Ghost in the machine? :slight_smile:


Um, that’s the silica gel I was talking about the first time. :slight_smile:

Nice effect! Clearly the “AI” represents Wyze’s state of the art machine learning algorithms.

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I’m a double dummy today. :stuck_out_tongue: