"Gnawing sound from V3 Cam

When I turn the sound on one of my cameras I hear a rhythmic “gnawing” or “grinding” sound. When I check the room in which the cam is mounted there are no ambient noises. If I tap on something the cam mic picks that sound up but it echoes for 10-15 seconds before dying away. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the constant rhythmic gnawing sound?


I recently upgraded to the V3 cams and they have similar issues you have described. When reviewing settings to see if there was a way to fix it, I just happened to increase the motion sensitivity which seems to have made the sound issue worse. The noises occurred at a faster pace. I guess I’m just happy I am not the only one with this issue.

Hopefully someone will respond with a solution.



Well, that is odd. I increased the motion sensitivity and the sound stopped entirely—at least for now!

Whoops, it came back. But I lowered the sound sensitivity to zero and it quit again—for now. I wish I knew what the cause is. Apparently some sort of feedback but I haven’t figured that out yet.


This must be a bad batch. Have the same issue with a new v3. This is our fifth v3, and the only one that I’ve heard make this noise. There is another thread on here about this as well. Must be a batch of bad mics. It almost sounds like a termite is inside the camera building a fort lol

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Termites, yeah. That’s what I thought also.


It sounds like the same static we have in all of our v3s as well. Sound has never worked.

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I noticed this as well on two new v3’s that I just installed recently. My other (older) v3’s don’t make those sounds.

I have the same problem with several of my cams. I talked to Wyze about it with one cam, got a replacement and that one has the same problem. I gave up and just kept the sound lower so I wouldn’t hear it.

I’m thinking it might be a bad batch, because the two new v3’s I got recently were making those sounds and my v3’s from last year are perfect. I returned those two noisy v3’s and bought two more from a different retailer, hoping to get a different batch, and so far they are fine, just like my old v3’s


Bought and installed first security cam V3 26 Sep and subscribed to CamPlus. Love all of it but have the same grinding sound issue. Not sure who or how to contact Wyze to get replacement unit as only local retailer has no units in stock for exchange. Has anyone found a resolution or maybe a moderator can put me in touch with someone?

First you’ll need to go into your settings and send them a log report. After I did that I called them @206-339-9646 and talked to a real person. I told them my problem with the noise and they sent me out a new cam. I didn’t have to return the bad one. They told me to just recycle it. I ended up using it without the sound elsewhere.

Thanks so much!!!

You’re welcome. Hope it helps.