Global Hotspot?

Hi Everyone!

I absolutely love Wyze products and have most of them…I was just curious if you might have a global hotspot/internet device of some kind on your radar for future products?

I have 2 scenarios currently in my life that I’ve found many others with the same issues and thought this would be a great product suggestion for the Wyze team.

I work in Production and travel all over the world and work in so many locations that don’t have internet connections available and have been looking for a reasonably priced solution that would work in most cases. I’ve found options, but I have to hop from one option to the next depending on where I’m going and price is typically not reasonable.

I also live in a building that has an exclusive contract with Spectrum, (although I still don’t understand how that’s legal) and we have no option but to pay their outrageous rates for internet only.

I think a lot of people travel and have to decide what to do about their internet connectivity. I know there’s a lot of free options for the causal traveler but when it comes to relying on internet for business, it’s not the most convenient or secure option and for someone like me who can be in multiple locations in the same day and needs access to internet consistently, it becomes a major issue that must be researched every-time we’re on location.

Anyway, just wanted to throw it out there, if it’s not on your current radar, maybe it could be a good product idea for the future.

Thanks for letting me share my idea & for all you do, this is an amazing company!

Would be nice, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t see how Wyze could enter the cell phone carrier business.


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I don’t think that’s necessarily entering the mobile carrier market.

They could create a hotspot, and allow for the installation of carrier SIM cards. I 100% would buy one if it worked on both CDMA and GSM, and could switch back and forth. I use Google fi, which can switch between the two flawlessly. But finding hot spots that can do that are slim to none.

I am a legal nerd but keep in mind my words carry no legal weight and are merely presumptive speculation and are not the opinion of anyone on these forums or Wyze, only myself. :slight_smile:

if you are renting, check your contract, if it is not strictly defined in your signed contract that you have to use that isp then you have every right to go with someone else as they use the phone line going into your unit to connect to the correct chosen carrier. if it is in your contract and you willfully signed it, you might be held legally in lock there, but there might still be some work around as that could be seen as a monopoly over private residence and thus extortion and conflict of interest on the shoulders of the landlord. check your contract first and if needed consult with an attorney. it might be worth it considering their rates on things. especially if you can get other units to fight it with you in possible class action.

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