Glare / dots / line obstructing view

I have a v3 that’s mounted to my front window over looking my porch

Recently I started to notice two dots on the top left of the live view that got worse over time and now most recently a line covering the whole left side of the view

I cleaned both the camera lens , window inside and out , but the glare , the dots , and the slashed line still persist .

When the porch light is on it’s their and also when it’s off it’s still their ,

What to do ? Thanks

Turn the camera away from being pointed towards the light source or aim the porch light up and away from the camera.

Some light reading:


Like he said :grin: :grin:


Turn off the status light. On the V3 the status light is on the front and will do wonders at being visible via the glass.
Don’t ask me how I know that…

It’s off ofc

The glare seems to be coming from the porch light

Are there lights on inside the room that may be creating glare? If so try turning them off.

I get the same thing with bright porch and pole lights at might. It’s normal lens flare. If you can’t move your cam, you’ll ether have to create a hood to block the light from entering your cam’s lens or put something in-between the light source and your cam. My pole lights (and my neighbors’) are enclosed, so I just stuck a small square of electrical tape on the inside of the light’s glass enclosure to reduce glare towards my cams.