Getting RTSP (dafang hacks) working over vpn?

is there something special i have to do to get this working? i have an openvpn server that i have been using for years, and works flawlessly for everything else in my house…but not the new wyze cam i just bought and put dafang hacks on. i can get to the web interface, but the feed will not reliably load (if ever) over tinycam pro. occasionally i get a still image and maybe a few seconds of video, but other than that it basically won’t load.

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try this rtsp beta

i’m not interested in the stock rtsp. 10 fps does me no good. plus, the inability to lock down the camera with the stock firmware is what led me to custom firmware in the first place.

now somehow it seems to be working. i have no idea what has changed…i didn’t make any changes to the vpn server or client. ugh.

Spoke too soon. Not working again…any ideas?

Seems there is audio streaming if I bring up the camera and turn it on, just no video (or rarely any video)…not sure if that helps anyone figure out what’s going on, but any assistance would be appreciated.

For help is try reddit

i’ve posted there too as well as ipcamtalk…no help anywhere yet.

ipcamtalk is for the big camera and they look down on wyze.

I posted in the tinycam forum

I’m watching this thread with interest. I want to use a Wyze cam for a live (exterior) feed on YouTube. 10 FPS certainly is not enough though. Minimum 24 frames or it’s a deal killer. Would a Blink be a better choice for a live cam…??

Stock rtsp is limited to 10fps? Never noticed. I’d rather they open up the compression rate so semi static scenes (outdoors) arnt compressed to hell and lose all detail

i know i read that from past forum posts when i was trying to determine the best way to proceed…has that limitation been lifted perhaps? i haven’t even tried it TBH, when i saw that i didn’t even bother.

i have it pretty stable right now at 20fps and 128k bitrate. the stream in tinycam still blows up occasionally but for the most part it has been solid. i’m still tinkering though, i feel like there has to be a way to get this working at a higher bitrate and frame rate…my other cameras do and they’re several years old, so i feel like this should as well.

that being said, this only was (is) an issue when connected via vpn. when on my network at home, the stream has been solid no matter what quality parameters i throw at it…