Getting out of solid yellow after firmware update

I want to share how I got out of a solid yellow light for a V2 Black Cam and 128GB MicroSD in ExFAT.

Situation: Flashed firmware to, default was
I did this because I found out I couldn’t download a time lapse and knew that .37 works.
After flashing, the light remained solid yellow. I waited more than 5 minutes and the light never changed.

What worked:
Format card to 2 partitions: One is FAT32 of size 32GB and the other is free space.
The cam worked as normal after flashing. I used the App’s Add Product to add the cam back. I then stopped the cam to re-format the card back to one partition to use the maximum 128GB but switched to ExFAT. The cam detected the full size of the card.

Experienced something similar when I flashed the firmware. Fortunately I had an unused 32gb SD card lying around.