Getting no notifications on Ipad

I have 3 Wyze Cam v2’s and I use my android phone and ipad to view. I get notifications from my android phone but they can be 5-15 minute delay when screen is locked. I know this is an issue with androids from what I have read. So I thought I had turned my Ipad off so I wasn’t getting double notifications, but the notifications for Wyze was on. I want to receive notifications on my Ipad since my android isn’t reliable. Ipad last version is 14.2. Can anyone help me make sure I have the setting correct on my Ipad? Or is there and issue here with notifications as well? Thank you

I’m having no issues with notifications on my vintage 2016 iPad Pro (or my wife’s iPhone 8 Plus). iPadOS version 14.2 with the latest non-beta version of the Wyze app and firmware on my six v2 cams and one outdoor cam. You may need to examine your camera Settings to make sure everything looks Ok - i.e. Event Recording scheduled & enabled, Notifications enabled, Detection Settings (incl. Zone) set appropriately, etc.

Not sure if I matters but my Ipad isn’t a Pro, and is approx 3-4 yrs old. It seems to get notifications if I am on it. But not when screen is locked. I don’t use it until usually bedtime so didn’t really start noticing until I really wanted to hear the notifications during the day. As far as I can tell all my setting are fine. My son has an iphone and facetimes me on my ipad and it rings when locked. So not sure what is wrong.

The fact that your iPad is not a Pro model should make no difference at all. Hmmm, check the notification settings in your iPad’s Settings app for Wyze and see if they look like mine (screenshot below). Also, check that if you have Do Not Disturb enabled (Settings / Do Not Disturb), it’s not enabled when you’re expecting to receive a notification. For instance, I have DnD enabled from 10:30 pm until 07:30 am.

My settings are identically set like yours. Here are my dnd settings. I do get the lockscreen notifications, just not sound notification. Hope I attached that right, lol. Appreciate you trying to help this ole gal :slight_smile: