Getting Heat and no AC with the Thermostat

So I picked up the Wyze Thermostat and I installed it and followed the instruction. I’m getting heat or no AC at all no matter what settings I use or how I wire it.

Here is how the Wyze Thermostat looked

I fo

Here is how the Original
Honeywell Thermostat looked before dissemble for the Wyze


It’s hard to tell in your 1st picture but is the yellow Y1 wire connected to Y1 on the Wyze thermostat?

Yeah its all the way in and tab is depressed

Settings>advanced>swap hot and cold. The reason you are getting heat on both settings is that your backup heat strips are running when the heat is on, with the reversing valve in cooling mode, and when you are in cool mode, the reversing valve is set to run your heat pump in heat mode. Switching this setting will ensure that your heat pump reversing valve is in heat mode when you are heating, and in air conditioner mode when you are cooling.