Getting friends to choose Wyze is quite easy


Getting friends to select Wyze as their home automation brand of choice is quite easy. And I’ll tell you why. All you have to do is forward emails that you get from Wyze to people that are thinking about getting into home automation. I have forwarded the email regarding complete motion capture and I have forwarded on the email regarding the update on person detection.

These two emails alone have shown potential customers that Wyze is not in it just for the money and that they are completely open and honest with their customer base. These are things that you just do not see in today’s business world. Passing on these emails had people completely overwhelmed that a company like Wyze even exists! I will continue to sing the praises of Wyze and forward on emails that show their integrity and customer service that they provide well beyond their competition.

I believe it’s the least I can do for Wyze keeping prices as low as possible, providing great customer service and developing new products that will only add to the great experience that I’ve had already. Black Friday can’t come soon enough

God Bless
Chris :part_alternation_mark: